Provide Real Students, Get Real Questions


Most schools understand that connecting prospects with students greatly helps conversion rates. They have seen firsthand that providing authentic answers to questions a) creates trust, b) creates relationships, and c) provides real information to base major decisions on.

But unless schools use PeerPoint, they usually don't know what kind of questions might come to students through their web site. "Will this be a waste of our ambassadors' time?" or "Will people just ask admissions related questions that are better for counselors?"

These are valid questions, which is why we want to show you more of what happens behind the scenes. Because interaction is happening from your school site, it's very rare that people aren't professional. To most prospects, it's part of the due diligence process and they take it seriously.

Take a look at an actual message below that's been edited for brevity. See how the questions are all ones that are best asked to a student. Note the parents' involvement. And look how the previous response was so good that they came back for more.

We hope this is helpful and hope to give you a peek at more real conversations in the future.


Hi Alex, it's Paul again! Your previous response was very helpful, so I thought of some other questions that my parents and I were curious about.

- I've heard that the Life Sciences program is very tough. In your opinion, if one is well prepared and organized, is the program still very tough?

- How has your experience been so far?

- Are there a lot of opportunities to help me build up my profile, other than getting good marks at school, such as research opportunities and internships?

- Is it hard to maintain a high standing GPA? And when I mean that, I mean if you study hard, attend every lecture and tutorial, and stay organized with all your work, is it still very difficult to get a high GPA?

- On online threads, I've read both bad and good things. Some say that the school is "a dream crusher" where your marks go down the drain, yet others say getting high marks is achievable.

- And finally, do you suggest living on campus during first year? My parents own an apartment that's about 15 minutes away from the campus, and said that it is up to me if I want to live on campus or off campus.

I'm so sorry that this was very long, it's just that my parents have attended university in Europe, and this is their first time having to prepare and look into university for their children. I want to thank you again for your previous response and also for this one, if you're able to answer all these questions!