Student Ambassador Manager Spotlight: Laura Bald, PSU Graduate Business Program

We recently sat down with Laura Bald, Admissions Manager at Portland State University's Graduate Business Programs, to talk about her experience with PeerPoint. Portland State was Versation's first client to use PeerPoint, our student ambassador software, and has been an integral partner in developing the platform. 

SH: What are some of the benefits you've seen being able to connect prospects and student ambassadors online?
LB: It helps to remove the third party of a university liaison and gives the opportunity for prospective students to have a direct and candid conversation with current student ambassadors. 

SH: What are some of the most powerful aspects of the student ambassador connections you've seen? 
LB: One of the greatest aspects of PeerPoint is the security and privacy it gives to our student ambassadors. They feel comfortable communicating to a prospective student without having to give their personal email or phone number.

SH: What sense do you get from your student ambassadors about their feelings around connecting with prospects online? 
LB: The student ambassadors seem to really enjoy talking about their experience in the classroom, which is something that we, as recruiters, can't speak to. They also talk a lot about work/life balance which is a major consideration for more graduate students.


SH: Has PeerPoint helped your office in meeting your goals of increasing peer connections in the admissions and recruitment process? 
LB: We have had new applicants and prospective students specifically comment about how accommodating and helpful our student ambassadors were. We do advertise the platform but then the prospective students take the reigns and find such value in the ability to connect with people they choose on their own.