Student Ambassadors for Yield

This being yield season, many of the schools we're talking with are trying to find ways to increase the number of admitted students who choose to enroll in their school over others. With tools like the standard application, it's easier for students to be accepted by more schools than before, leaving them with choices when it comes time to commit to one. Admissions office schedules are packed with events and activities designed to help prospective students make one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

U.S. News surveys schools for yield information and we thought we'd share their latest report to show you how universities stack up. Some of the numbers might surprise you, and we found it very interesting that of the 265 schools surveyed, only 25 could say that they enrolled more than half of the students they accepted.

But whether yield is high or low, every school is striving to improve conversion. Schools with high yield rates try to get the best of the best. Schools with lower yield rates are trying to position themselves as unique compared to the others in their category.

Whatever the goals may be, student ambassadors offer one of the most powerful tools available. If a school is looking to be different than the one down the road, connecting a prospect with a like-minded student can start a personal relationship that an admissions officer can't provide. If a school is trying to get the best students in the country, they probably should have one of their own reach out to their prospects and explain why the smartest decision is to join them at their elite institution.

As budgets are cut and more pressure is being put on institutions to improve enrollment numbers, personal connections are becoming a critical aspect of recruitment. A school's brand itself is no longer enough. Students want to know who they will be learning with and what they say about their experience.