Student Experiences Beyond The Tour


The Week wrote an article that identified 4 ways that technology is "upending" college admissions: Virtual Visits, Live Chats, Social Media, and Innovations in Applying. We think upend might be the wrong word. How about: grow, expand, enrich, advance? Technology is providing schools with more ways to connect with prospective students. Making sure that those interactions are authentic and meaningful is key. 

Technology is allowing students to connect with colleges in ways that weren't possible until recently. The article's author Shira Boss notes that being able to create "a sense of community before a student even enrolls is believed to increase their comfort level with the school — and the likelihood they'll accept an offer of admission." If a prospect already has a feel for what a school's culture and environment is like, they're more likely to be able to picture themselves there. 

Providing a way for prospective students to get connected with current students on campus is a great way to make a meaningful connection. Boss says "if students make those connections with future classmates, it makes a difference in their decision-making." Prospects want to get a student's opinion on the school; they want to know what real people think of their experience.