Student Ambassadors Driving Efforts to Expand Online Reach

When it comes to choosing where to attend college, students have said that getting the inside scoop from other students was fundamental to their decision. When it comes to doling out the inside scoop, student ambassadors have said that connecting with prospective students was their favorite part of the gig. Getting these two groups together online has become a no-brainer. We got the chance to speak with David and Andreina, student ambassadors at Portland State University, about their experience using PeerPoint to connect with prospective students. They shared some of their key insights and inspirations with us. 


Student ambassadors find it easier and more convenient to connect with prospective students online. Andreina thinks that “the benefit of communicating online is that it’s fast. It’s easy. I’ve always got my phone with me. I can easily pull out my phone and respond to an email really quickly and just get it done.” This goes both ways: prospective students don’t have to wait until a campus tour or phone call to be able to connect with the ambassadors. 

Many prospective students can’t make it to campus for tours or recruiting events, which limits their chances to connect with their peers; they don’t have the opportunity to ask the questions that are crucial to their decision making process. Oftentimes these are questions about culture, campus life, and student activities rather than academics and prerequisites. Andreina thinks that giving these students the opportunity to connect with peers online is “important in order to get that personal touch, put a face to the school and get that inside perspective about what’s going on, especially if you can’t see it." 

David has found that communicating online is especially important because “in this day and age everything is done online so it’s extremely important to have an opportunity to communicate virtually; if you limit somebody’s ability to communicate virtually you’re essentially missing out on a large portion of our population today." Having the chance to connect virtually allows both prospective students and ambassadors to connect in a way that they’ve become accustomed to.