Your Students are Your Best Recruiters

Sarah Holdeman, Sales Manager

There's no question that student ambassadors are your most powerful recruiting tool. This is because of the unique ability that students have to connect with their peers, providing authentic and genuine feedback about life on your campus as a student. PeerPoint, our student ambassador software, connects prospective students with student ambassadors at key stages in your recruitment process to share a personal perspective on the value of your institution, which is critical to conversion and retention. From initial inquiries to post-tour follow-up to final decision-making, connecting student ambassadors with prospects online will significantly increase prospective student engagement and lead to more applications, higher yield, and more students.


1. connect prospects with students

  • Display student ambassadors on your web site
  • Allow prospects to connect personally with your student ambassadors to ask questions about student life
  • No private information is shared

3. create Personal Connections

  • Prospects and students connect and establish a level of trust that admissions officers can't always provide
  • Discussion topics include campus life, safety, teacher quality, and general satisfaction
  • The more authentic the interaction, the more likely a prospect is to trust your school and the experience it can provide

2. increase Yield

  • Assign tasks to ambassadors to contact prospects at key stages of recruitment such as after tours, applying, and being admitted
  • Ambassadors are notified when they have new tasks and use PeerPoint to easily complete them

4. admin Control

  • Admin dashboard for management.
  • View all messages between prospects and student ambassadors
  • Track response rates and times to monitor activity
  • Easily add, edit, and remove student ambassadors 



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