Frequently Asked Questions

PeerPoint: Student Ambassador Management Software

What is university student ambassador software?

PeerPoint, our student ambassador software, gets student ambassadors online and building relationships with prospective students via messaging on their phones or computers. PeerPoint also stores all of the communication between prospects and student ambassadors so messaging is easy to manage by your student ambassador manager.

Our student ambassadors have a large workload. Why should we give them more to do?

Our interviews with student ambassadors have clearly shown that not only do they enjoy messaging with prospects, but they feel empowered as they are able to reach so many more potential students and share the wonderful things about your institution simply by using their phone or computer. Campus events are important, but ambassadors can build more relationships more quickly online.

Will student ambassadors get too many messages?

No. There are many ways to throttle message volume for student ambassadors so you can choose how many they get per month. Some of our clients tell student ambassadors that they should expect to spend 1-2 hours per month communicating with prospects, which can be the same amount of time they might spend at just one recruiting event.

How will I know what student ambassadors are saying?

PeerPoint sends you a copy of all messages between prospects and student ambassadors, and stores all of the messages in the system. You'll be able to see each and every conversation.

Is PeerPoint a live chat?

Currently, no. Prospects and student ambassadors communicate via email (addresses hidden for privacy) so they don't have to be available 24/7 for real-time conversations. However, we are working with clients to assess whether or not they'd like to see a chat option.

How does PeerPoint's student ambassador system connect to my web site?

We give you a small module for your web site that highlights key student ambassadors that when clicked on, takes users to your university's version of PeerPoint, skinned to match the look and feel of your site for a seamless experience for prospective students. We also recommend that you add links in your navigation to "Meet Our Students" or "Talk To Our Students."

How do we train our student ambassadors to recruit students?

Most schools already have a trained group of student ambassadors giving student tours on campus. PeerPoint simply puts those student ambassadors online so they can answer some of the same types of questions they get when they give tours. If student ambassadors get questions that are more technical regarding admissions requirements or transfer information, the student ambassador can easily loop someone from the admissions office into the conversation.

Do we have to pay our student ambassadors to recruit students?

Some schools pay their student ambassadors and some don't. Those that don't find other ways to incentivize ambassador efforts. Student and alumni often want to give back to the university and often times it's a great way to get marketing experience for their resume and future work.