Frequently Asked Questions

PeerPoint: Student Ambassador App and Software

What is a university student ambassador app?

PeerPoint, our student ambassador app, gives ambassadors a simple way to communicate with prospective students, manage their work schedules, and participate in university social media strategies. PeerPoint also stores communication between prospects and student ambassadors so communication is easy to manage by your student ambassador manager.

Why should I connect our student ambassadors and prospects online?

Our data shows that prospects who connect with student ambassadors are 4 times more likely to enroll than those who fill out a school's general contact form. The more you connect these two groups of people, the better the understanding your prospects have about your campus experience and the more your conversion rates increase.

Do you provide student ambassador profiles for our web site?

Yes. Instead of going through your busy web team to build student ambassador profiles and keep them updated, we build a page that copies the look and feel of your site with student ambassador profiles that you can fully control without the help of your web team.

How will I know what student ambassadors are saying to prospects?

PeerPoint sends you a copy of all messages between prospects and student ambassadors, and stores all of the messages in the system. You'll be able to see each and every conversation.

Is PeerPoint a live chat with student ambassadors?

Currently, no. Prospects and student ambassadors communicate via email (addresses hidden for privacy) so they don't have to be available 24/7 for real-time conversations. However, we are working with clients to assess whether or not they'd like to see a chat option.

Do prospects and student ambassadors see each other's contact information?

No. All messages are routed through PeerPoint and contact information is not shown for privacy information. We don't even show student ambassador last names on your profiles for extra security.

Is it difficult to train our student ambassadors to use PeerPoint?

No. PeerPoint adds student ambassadors to your site so they can answer the same types of questions they get when they give tours. If student ambassadors get questions that are more technical regarding admissions requirements or transfer information, the student ambassador can easily loop someone from the admissions office into the conversation. Basic training we'd recommend for online communication includes keeping messages short and to the point and double-checking for typos.

Does PeerPoint work for our size of school?

Yes. Our pricing model is designed to work with community colleges to large state schools with hundreds of student ambassadors. Our clients are broad but they do all have something in common -- they're serious about their ambassador programs and see them as a strategic component of their overall marketing strategy.