University Student Management Software

Versation provides university student management software for colleges and universities. Our student recruitment, student retention, and alumni management software help universities increase student enrollment, retain students, and maintain valuable relationships with alumni. If your goal is to recruit international students, we can increase international student enrollment with English, baby!, one of the largest sites in the world for international students learning English.


Student Recruitment Software

Our peer student recruitment software empowers your students to recruit students for you. Your students are your best marketers and can best increase student enrollment for you.

Alumni Management Software

Alumni management software is critical to maintain relationships with alumni, encourage alumni ambassadors to help you increase student enrollment, and drive global conversations about your school.

Recruit International Students

Our global web channels can promote your university to English language students around the world to increase international student enrollment so your university can expand internationally. 


Student recruitment on a global scale is a challenging proposition. Thankfully, today's social internet allows you to increase student enrollment by connecting current students directly with prospective students wanting information about your university. PeerPoint, our peer recruitment software, puts your current student ambassadors online so they can recruit students from around the world for you, increasing student enrollment for your university. 

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Alumni management software plays a very important role in managing alumni relationships. You work so hard to build relationships with students while they are at your university and that bond should not disappear once students become alumni. Using alumni management software can lead to a more active alumni base and student recruitment back in home states or countries to increase student enrollment. Alumni Network, our alumni management software, will keep your important alumni close to you as you build a network of alumni ambassadors around the world.

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If you're looking to increase international student enrollment with better international student recruitment tools, Versation can help. We operate one of the largest English learning sites in the world, English, baby! With over 2 million members around the globe, we can help increase international student enrollment for you through marketing campaigns to international students learning English in top countries like China, India, Brazil, Turkey and more.

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